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The Travelling Journal

A journal that will travel the world

A Journal That Will Travel The World.
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* This may sound silly, but please do not say the word "DUDE"..we cannot stand it.

* AGE RANGE: 16-25,please be honest.

* DO NOT GIVE OUT YOUR ADDRESS TO ANYONE IN THE COMMUNITY - except the mods, because we need them if you are going to participate.
Email either:
> moomer35@hotmail.com
> la_dollyvita@hotmail.com

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* One notebook will essentially travel the world. (or as much as possible.)

* Each person will keep the notebook for a week, and only one week. No more, no less. If you are going away the week you are suppose to have it, and cannot mail it back in time..Please let me know. (It is encouraged to write about exciting holidays, etc)

* You will write about whatever you want while you have the notebook. BE CREATIVE. take pictures with the notebook, draw, whatever you like. Make it creative and express yourself. Please remember to put the date on each entry.

* DO NOT RIP ANYTHING OUT OF THE NOTEBOOK. and no personal slams or "bullying" in the notebook. This is to be a fun and positive thing that we can feel comfortable writing in. Do not vandalize anyone elses entries.

* Try to include neat pictures or clippings of anything that represents you, your culture, and where you live. But try not to make it so heavy that it will cost a lot to mail.

* Remember to include everything that was mailed to you in the beginning. Once I get enough interested people, I will post again the contents that you should receive.

* No one from the same City may have the notebook, so it's first come, first serve.

* Finally, remember to update in the community when you recived the Travelling Journal, and when you are mailing it out. Also say who you recieved it from and who its going to.

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